About Us

What Makes Us Unique?

Traditionally, Chiropractic has been well known for achieving excellent results providing temporary reduction of pain and muscle spasm, and increasing range of motion. Complete Chiropractic takes it a step further by locating and determining the underlying cause of those secondary conditions (symptoms). While many conventional health care providers focus on a temporary reduction in pain and muscle spasm, Dr. Arns focuses on the primary source of your secondary conditions by means of Structural Correction.

Your spine is the foundation of your body, and all of the organs, muscles, and connective tissue are built around it. Therefore, it is essential to understand the critical nature of undergoing a thorough Structural Examination to determine the presence of a Structural Shift.

Complete Chiropractic focuses on correcting Structural Abnormalities to help you move and function at your highest potential. We also provide nutritional services and health education to give patients a complete solution to their healthcare needs.

Please contact us if you have any questions or would like to schedule a complimentary consultation with Dr. Arns to determine if his office is the right fit for your needs.