Should People With Degenerative Discs Go To A Chiropractor?

Spinal degeneration afflicts a large percentage of the public. Research shows that over 85% of the population will show evidence of disc degeneration in their spine by the age of fifty. The majority of cases of people with disc degeneration display no symptoms. The same data holds true for children. One study of MRI findings showed that 9% of ten year-olds displayed asymptomatic disc degeneration. A degenerative disc occurs when a structural failure combines with accelerated or advanced signs of aging. Disc degeneration originates from a number of causes. 

Those faced with degenerative disc in their spine often ask if Chiropractic care could benefit or hurt them. Research published in 2014 helped to clarify some of the confusion regarding this topic. 

Some major points of emphasis included:

– Intervertebral disc disease is one of the main causes for low back pain.

 – Disc degeneration is the most common adult pathology accounting for approximately 90% of spinal surgery cases.

– People with symptomatic disc disorders incur the highest health care expenditure amongst patients experiencing low back pain.

 – Spinal adjustments have been demonstrated to decrease pain and improve function in patients with symptomatic disc degeneration. 

The randomized double-blind controlled trial evaluated the influence of spinal adjustive care on 40 subjects with an average age of forty years old. Half of the subjects received a single spinal adjustment by a highly skilled Chiropractor while the other half received a placebo adjustment. Four measurement outcomes were tested before and after treatment for each group: height, pain, neural tension, and spinal mobility. Every outcome measure improved significantly in the group receiving the spinal adjustment. The group receiving the placebo treatment experienced no changes in function.

Studies and research continue to show that specific structural adjustments to the spine provide relief and improved health for people suffering from degenerative disc disease. These adjustments provide safe and effective improvement in mobility while also increasing function and height and decrease pain. Patients experiencing a degenerative disc benefit from an improved quality of life through regular Chiropractic adjustments regardless of the presence of pain. Degenerative discs lurk in the same dangerous category as high blood pressure and high cholesterol. These silent dangers do not usually cause pain until a serious health condition exists. Chiropractors undergo scientifically specific training designed to provide safe and gentle care for entire families with the purpose of removing any interference in the spine and nervous system. Chiropractic care reduces the risks associated with spinal degeneration in infants, children and adults so the entire family can reach their optimal health potential.

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