Why You NEED To Stop Avoiding Saturated Fats

One of many pieces of dietary advice that I give to people that they have difficulty accepting is that saturated fats are the healthiest fats one can consume.

Our government health agencies have done a GREAT job brainwashing the population to fear eating quality saturated fats like raw dairy and fatty cuts of red meat.

In previous posts I’ve demonstrated why the government health recommendation to AVOID saturated fats is not healthy and NOT based on sound science.

Saturated fats are very stable, and not nearly as susceptible to undergoing oxidative change as polyunsaturated fats (like seed/vegetable oils).

In other words, saturated fats are much less likely to produced excessive inflammation in your body compared to unsaturated fats.

Of course, when I say saturated fats are healthy, I am specifically referring to saturated fats in their whole and unprocessed form, not processed/hydrogenated saturated fats found in “food” products like Crisco.

Butter, kefir, yogurt, cottage cheese, and sour cream in their raw form have many beneficial nutrients. Steaks, beef, and other fatty cuts of meat are superfoods. They contain the most bioavailable forms of protein, along with healthy saturated fats, a multitude of b vitamins and minerals, like zinc and copper.

Does that sound like food we should be minimizing and/or avoiding? I don’t think so.

Meat produced through regenerative agriculture is also very beneficial to the environment and helps protect our soils and keep them fertile and the local ecosystem biologically diverse. Eating meat and supporting local farmers and regenerative farms is a win-win for our bodies and our planet, while also supporting the hard-working farmers that provide us nourishing food.

I personally try to eat raw dairy and red meat every day. People that have unique health conditions that make the digestion of fats more difficult will obviously have to modify their diet to accommodate their specific needs.

The importance of saturated fats to an optimally functioning human body can’t be overstated. Check out the following image:

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