Where I Source My Food

In last week’s Health Update, I shared the foods that I believe are the healthiest for most humans, and are the foods my family consumes the most of.

This week I will share WHERE we get most of our food from.

Let’s dig right in.

We always try to purchase from local producers/suppliers as much as we possibly can. They typically are going to be the best quality AND best price. It’s a win – win. It is always a good idea to try to purchase goods in BULK. This will save you money and time vs. buying individually packaged cuts of meat at the store.

Here are the ones we use:

They have regular pick-up hours. Getting raw milk is as simple as     bringing your own jars to fill up right out of the tank – YUM!

Walz Family Pastures have a wide variety of cuts and meats from chicken, pork, and beef products. We’ve tried them all and they are all EXCELLENT! Particularly, it is hard to find good quality pasture-raised pork, which they have (see above photos). Just email Helen at the above email address to get an order list!

  • Good Earth Food Co-Op in Saint Cloud sources food from local producers. We often get our dairy, veggies, fruits, fermented goods, raw honey, and some meat from them.            https://goodearthfoodcoop.coop/

There are many great local farms and farmers markets in the area. These just happen to be the ones I’ve used most frequently and can attest to the taste and quality.

Aside from the above, which are the most common places we get our food, we do also get organic fruits, dairy, and other goods from Coborn’s, Whole Foods, and Costco when we need to for convenience.

Costco does have the best prices for organic fruits, although local producers would still be preferred.

We also get seasonal fruits such as apples, blueberries, and strawberries from local orchards when available.

Other stores we’ve purchased from when local is not an option:

These placed tend to be a bit more costly, but offer a little more convenience.

https://grasslandbeef.com/ – Wide variety of products from US Farmers

https://www.butcherbox.com/ – Subscription based meats. Use the following link for free steak and lobster and $30 off your first order:  http://rwrd.io/xhc6vl3?c

https://thrivemarket.com/ – Great online store for condiments, snacks, and other healthier food options.

Enjoy the journey of supporting your health though nourishing food, along with supporting local producers in the process!

One thought on “Where I Source My Food

  1. Thank You for sharing this Vital information on where you can purchase all of this food. Very nice that you have different locations.
    I recently bought bagels from the sourdough mom cinnamon raisin and blueberry 😋😋😋😋
    They were still warm!!
    See you soon!


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