How To Optimally Test Your Vitamin D Status

Most of us understand the importance of getting enough Vitamin D, but how do we know if we have enough seeping through our tissues?

There is a simple blood test (finger prick) that can be done.

While there are several different forms of Vitamin D in the body, Vitamin D status is measured by measuring 25(OH)D (Vitamin D3) in blood. This is considered the most accurate single test to assess Vitamin D levels, as this form of Vitamin D is the precursor to the active form used by our cells.

Vitamin D tests are measured in ng/ml. There are different opinions on what the best amount of Vitamin D to have in the blood is.

Please read this excellent article for more in-depth information on optimal Vitamin D levels: Vitamin D: More Is Not Better.

For optimal Vitamin D status, I like to see my Vitamin D measure between 40-60 ng/ml.

Remember, it is certainly possible to have Vitamin D toxicity. Thus, the importance of regularly testing your Vitamin D status is essential if you are supplementing regularly and for month/years at a time.

It is always best to try to achieve optimal Vitamin D status through diet, getting in the sun, and avoiding behaviors/lifestyle habits that promote excessive inflammation, and thus decrease Vitamin D in the body.

I personally test my Vitamin D levels approximately 2x/year (winter and summer).

I order the Vitamin D test through NutriDyn here. A kit is then mailed to you. After a simple finger prick blood draw, you send the sample back for analysis and your results will be emailed to you.

Try to avoid testing if you are actively sick, as that could potentially alter your normal baseline of Vitamin D levels in the body.

The amount of Vitamin D to supplement depends on how severe your deficiency may be. Generally speaking, 5000 – 10,000 IU of Vitamin D combined with Vitamin K2 daily is a good dose for most people.

Tests and Vitamin D supplements can be found here for a 10% discount: Vitamin D

Remember, Vitamin D is a “fat-soluble” Vitamin, so it is best to take any supplement with a meal containing good quality fats to optimize absorption.

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