The Anti Aging Benefits Of High Intensity Movement

Everyone knows that exercise and movement are beneficial.

When I ask patients why they feel like they should workout, most answer, “to look good,” and/or “lose some weight.”

Those are valid reasons, and I’m not going to knock on that.

However, regular, consistent movement of your body is SO much more than just looking good in the mirror and hitting a certain number on a scale.

The many benefits of moving your body, specifically at high intensities, are too numerous to encompass in one post.

Here are a few:

  • Reduction in senescent cells (aged cells that release inflammatory chemicals)
  • Production of hormones to promote positive mood
  • Regulation and optimization of immune cells
  • Optimized mental acuity
  • Increased libido and optimized sexual health

While I’m a fan of just simply moving your body any way you can, recent research shows that short-duration, high-intensity movement seems to confer more anti-aging benefits than low to moderate, longer-duration exercise.

The research shows high-intensity, short-duration (less than 10 minutes) movement had a more profound effect on eliminating senescent cells from the body than lower-intensity, longer-duration exercise.

Senescent cells are aged cells that can accumulate in the body and cause damage through their release of inflammatory chemicals.

One does not need to endlessly run for hours on a treadmill to produce some awesome health benefits (if you love running endlessly, I’m impressed, and more power to you).

For just 10-15 minutes per day, you can start to make these changes to your body, and obtain the MANY benefits of movement that go WAY beyond looking good in the mirror.

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