Mental Health Matters

We’ve all been there. We’ve all experienced some level of anxiety, depression, and/or mental anguish. Often, we can’t even put our finger on why it’s there. It just is. And it can be totally crippling, preventing you from performing everyday activities and achieving your goals.

Take a deep breath. It’s ok. While it’s not fun or comfortable to feel this way, it’s quite common and you are not alone.

That being said, we certainly do NOT want to spend our whole lives with these mental demons and feelings constantly weighing us down and blocking us from a state of contentment and peacefulness. Step one is to simply become hyper-aware of our state of being and the constant chatter taking place in our minds. We must separate our presence (awareness behind the thinking/thoughts) from the repetitive, and often negative, thoughts themselves.

There is a way to overcome mental health problems, and like most chronic degenerative diseases, it requires a multi-faceted approach to holistic well-being by nurturing our bodies physically, mentally, and chemically/nutritionally.

Some stats:

  • One in eight seniors develop Alzheimer’s disease.
  • One in eight children is diagnosed with autism, ADD, and ADHD.
  • Up to 20 percent of people experience depression today (a tenfold increase since 1945), and depression was predicted to be the second-most disabling condition in the world by 2020 (behind heart disease) and has likely increased since the beginning of COVID.
  • Antidepressants are the most commonly prescribed drugs in the United States.
  • Dementia affects almost 25 million people worldwide and is predicted to double every twenty years until at least 2040.

These problems are a result of a perverted human environment and mind (nutritional deficiency, chemical toxicity, stressful jobs, social media, past psychological distress and/or egoic desires, lack of sunshine, lack of movement and physical health, etc., etc.) that has corrupted our internal biology and cellular health, and allowed dysfunction and disease to develop over time.

It certainly would be nice to just take a pill to reverse and magically heal our bodies from the bombardment of life stressors that cause bodily and mental health dysfunction, but that would simply defy laws of biology and physics. Drugs are certainly needed and beneficial under certain conditions and for periods of time. Ultimately, however, the only way to truly HEAL long-term, is to work at undoing and changing the perverted environment (nutritional deficiency, chemical toxicity, stressful jobs, lack of sunshine, psychological assaults, lack of movement and physical health, etc., etc.) that caused the issues in the first place.

Does this take a lot of time and effort? Yes, absolutely.

Is it worth it? I can’t tell you that. That’s up to you and your value system. For my personal values, it’s a no-brainer. Of course taking the time, money, and effort to improve and optimize my bodily function is worth it. For me, there are few greater endeavors in life. Without optimal health, everything else in life becomes more difficult and/or less enjoyable. Your health (or lack of health) is a by-product of your habitual lifestyle habits (how you eat, move, think, etc.). Are these changeable? Yup.

Please watch this Mental Health Matters Webinar to learn more information on overcoming mental health disorders: Mental Health Matters Webinar

Also, optimizing your gut health is a big part of mental healing. Please watch the following webinar on the Gut-Brain connection to learn more: Gut Brain Webinar

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