Protecting or Repairing: What Makes The Most Sense?

What are your most valued material items? For most folks, their vehicles, phones, and homes are likely near the top. We tend to place a lot of value in these things and thus spend a great deal of time and money taking care of them.

Our homes and vehicles need consistent maintenance in order to function normally. In our home, the furnace, water softener, and appliances need regular maintenance to function optimally. If not for regular maintenance and the proper “adjustments,” these things would likely need to be repaired or replaced, which can be very costly. Similarly, our vehicles need regular maintenance like oil changes and tire rotations to function optimally and increase longevity.

When looking at the costs of replacing or repairing these things vs. regularly maintaining them, it’s obvious that regular maintenance is a great practice.

At Complete Chiropractic we offer Protection Plans as a way to maintain the most important thing we all possess: our bodies. Like our homes and vehicles, our bodies are subject to the stresses of everyday life, so it makes sense that regular maintenance is necessary to prevent larger problems from occurring in the future. While Protection Plans are not a requirement, most patients find it sensible to protect their spines and bodies from future issues after making an initial correction to a problem, regardless if symptoms are present or not.

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