The Real Causes of Heart Disease

While fear of cholesterol rich whole, unprocessed foods causing heart disease still permeates society, evidence continues to mount that would beg to differ from that idea.

The following research was published just recently, October 2022:

The research showed that risk of mortality INREASED with lower, rather than higher levels of cholesterol. Notably, even people with higher levels of the long-feared “bad” cholesterol LDL, had a lower mortality risk in follow-up analysis.

So, what risk factors were associated with INCREASED mortality?

Hypertension (high blood pressure), diabetes, and smoking.

What do I think of this research?

I am not shocked at all by the conclusions and findings.

As I’ve previously shared in prior posts and videos, it is primarily underlying inflammatory lifestyle factors (a combination of chronic stress, chronic exposure to environmental toxins, chronic consumption of toxins in food, chronic movement deficiencies, and chronic malnourishment) that over-time pervert the optimal integrity and functionality of the internal physiology/biology of the body that ultimately leads to heart disease and many other chronic degenerative diseases and illnesses.

We largely have control and choice over these lifestyle factors. Thus, we all ultimately have much control over the health and integrity of our physiology and biology.

It would be ideal to optimize these lifestyle choices at the earliest stage in life possible. If adults/parents do not begin to make changes to improve their health, our children and future generations will likely follow our lead, and chronic disease will continue to be pervasive.

To improve the health of our society, it starts with making changes at the individual level. Step 1 is educating folks and helping them become objectively aware of how their environment (food, job, social relationships, habits, lack of movement, etc.) is affecting their health. From there, one can begin to make necessary improvements and changes to optimize their health, and their happiness.

Start making changes today!  

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