Most folks understand the importance of optimal structure.

Think of the structure of a home, bridge, or vehicle. The structural foundations of each play a critical role in their stability, functionality, and longevity.

It takes a painstaking amount of effort and accumulated knowledge, skill, and craftsmanship to create a strong building, home, bridge, or vehicle.

Due to ever-present stressful forces (like gravity, wind, extreme temps, shifting of the earth’s crust, etc.), the foundation of these structures can shift and weaken over time, creating secondary conditions that impair their functionality and durability.

Maintenance is inevitably required to protect and maintain its functionality over time.


It is beyond human cognitive ability to understand and comprehend the sheer magnitude of complexity and engineering involved in all the intricate organismal functions of a human.

What we do know is that, much like a building, home, or vehicle, the human spine has an OPTIMAL STRUCTURE.

The spine is the foundation of the human body, much like the foundation of home.

Normal spinal structure allows for optimal movement, functionality, and physiology by minimizing physical stress on joints and soft tissues and optimizing communication of the electrical system of the body (brain and nervous system).

When the foundation of a home shifts, secondary conditions eventually develop. This may include the walls cracking, windows not shutting properly, or roof leaking.

Without correcting the structural shifts, the secondary conditions are likely to persist, no matter how many times you try to replace the windows or fill in the cracks.

Similarly, when the structure of the human spine shifts from normal, secondary conditions (symptoms) are likely to develop.

While nobody is going to be PERFECTLY normal, there is an acceptable range.

Like a home or vehicle, a human spine is subjected to many stressful forces throughout life. These forces cause structural shifts, leading to impaired functionality, durability, and strength.

Structural Chiropractic care aims to correct structural shifts and restore optimal human function.

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