The Dangers Of Avoiding The Sun

Now more than ever, humans suffer from many deficiencies.

Nutritional deficiencies.

Movement deficiencies.

Social deficiencies.

Another deficiency wrecking our health, is sunlight deficiency.  

We are often told by mainstream health authorities to “minimize sun exposure, as it is the cause of cancer.”

While the discussion about whether the sun causes skin cancer is much more nuanced and deeper than the length of this post allows, I beg to differ from the mainstream thinking on sun exposure.

It’s not hard to see that humans are spending less time in the sun now more than any other time in human history. Living in northern climates amplifies sun deficiency. We also have humans using synthetic sun blockers at levels never before seen.

So how could we possibly have some of the highest incidence of skin cancer in human history?

While there are certainly people who need to take extra precautions with their sun exposure, I posit that most humans are suffering from sunlight deficiency.

The health benefits of UV, red, near-infrared light, and other wavelengths of light from the sun are too numerous to encompass in this post. We’ll save that for another time.

For humans deficient in the proper nutrients needed by the body to utilize sunlight, damage can be done with prolonged exposure, but in general, negative health outcomes increase by avoiding it.

Data is showing that human survival length DECREASES the more a human avoids sun exposure. Other data shows that moderate sun exposure had a PROTECTIVE effect in those with melanoma.

Relating to other cancers, data has shown an inverse correlation between UV-B exposure and several types of cancer. In other words, UV-B exposure had a protective effect on cancer.

While the rates of skin cancer have risen, I do not think the sun is primarily to blame. Not even close.

The rates of all cancers have soared in the past 50-100 years.

What’s changed?

Our food, water, air, and environment have been absolutely decimated with toxic, carcinogenic chemicals that induce morphological changes to our cells that eventually evolves into abnormal cellular and tissue function (cancer).

The complexities to how these cancerous processes can unfold is unique to every human’s individual environmental and nutritional circumstances from the moment of conception and how their ride through life unfolds from there onward.

 Humans are sick now more than ever because their bodies have been put in an environment that is not fit for human living.

This combination of environmental assaults on our biology, combined with poor nutrition, creates a perfect storm of stressors that creates a disease process in the body over time.

In addition, many are suffering from extreme mental and emotional problems. All these nutritional, chemical, and emotional issues are intricately connected, and you cannot affect one without affecting the others.

While too much sun exposure over many years may be a small contributing factor in the develop of skin cancer specifically, I believe it is a bit naïve to say it is the main cause, and the deleterious effects of avoiding the sun will be a net-negative on human health.

2 thoughts on “The Dangers Of Avoiding The Sun

    1. Tanning beds can be a useful tool for those of us in northern climates unable to get regular sunlight.

      Just getting in a tanning bed and getting UV light exposure 1-2x/month can be good for us northern folk.

      Better yet, a tanning bed that incorporates red light with UV light is best. The sun provides a FULL spectrum of light wavelengths (red, near-infrared, UV-A, UV-B, etc.), so a tanning bed that contains more of what the sun has, would be best.


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