Does Eating Red Meat Cause Inflammation?

Conventional nutrition advice tells you to avoid red meat for a myriad of reasons.

We are told it is acidic, inflammatory, causes cancer, causes heart disease, etc., etc.

But is this sound advice?

If conventional nutrition advice to avoid meat were true, it’s hard to believe that humans didn’t go extinct, considering traditional cultures prized meat, including organ meats like liver and heart.

If meat is so disastrous for the human body, how did these traditional humans thrive for thousands of years with minimal disease and dysfunction, according to Dr. Weston Price’s research?

If meat is so disastrous, why is it loaded with a multitude of beneficial nutrients the body needs to thrive, as discussed here.

If meat is so disastrous, why does it contain the most bioavailable source of protein for humans, and why does research show increased bone mineral density in those eating animal protein compared to plant protein?

The obvious answer is this: meat is NOT disastrous for the human body. In fact, it may be the single most important food a human can eat, and it should be eaten on a daily basis.

Indeed, research shows that red meat intake does NOT cause an increase in inflammation in the body. It did show that red meat intake LOWERED signs of insulin resistance, a key factor in the inflammatory process of nearly every chronic degenerative disease.

Higher meat consumption is also associated with longer life expectancy.

Does all this sound like an inflammatory food?

Common sense and a plethora of scientific data tell me no.

Remember, I’m talking about quality meats from animals raised with care.

Enjoy your meat, folks!

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