There Are No Quick Fixes When It Comes To Getting Healthy

We humans tend to love the ‘quick fixes’.

We all wish getting healthy and optimizing our physique and/or losing weight were as simple as taking the latest miracle supplement or popping a pill.

While these tools can be a useful addition to help complement an overall strategic lifestyle approach to getting healthy, they CANNOT sustainably help the body lose weight or get healthy in the long-term, and any success with them will likely be short-lived.

They CANNOT replace the necessary work and lifestyle habits that need to be performed regularly to achieve and maintain health.

Your body REQUIRES regular movement, sufficiency of nutrients, and avoidance of harmful chemicals to enable it to be healthy.

I’ve talked about what I believe is an optimal diet to ensure our bodies are getting adequate nutrition (here).

As far as movement goes, I prefer resistance training. However, any movement (walking, golfing, running, wrestling your kids, going up stairs, biking, etc.) is good.

Resistance training can be done in many ways. One can resistance train utilizing weights, bands, pulleys, children, cans of soup, a log, or just about any other item.

While I’m semi-serious about using children, I have gotten sore carrying my kids around all day. I’m sure many can relate… Technically, that is a form if resistance training.

Resistance training is simply the act of pushing, pulling, or lifting against an external force.  

The benefits of movement are numerous. However, lasting benefits will only come with a lasting commitment to make and prioritize movement as a regular part of your lifestyle.

The earlier in life one starts making movement a habit, the greater likelihood of preventing adverse health outcomes from occurring in the future, which may then inhibit your ability to move.

Regular movement helps optimize hormones, brain function, improve cardiovascular health, improve bone health, helps optimize our immune system function, and is generally associated with an improvement in all health outcomes, including a lowered risk of cancer.

Plan ahead, and get it done. Your health depends on it.

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