Healing From Mental Health Challenges

As I’ve written in previous posts, mental health conditions, along with many other chronic degenerative diseases, are at unprecedented rates.

There are many reasons for this, please see this post to see how substantial mental health problems have become.

While traditional mental health treatment focuses on simply trying to manipulate brain chemicals like serotonin and dopamine, evidence continues to pile up showing how mental health conditions are often whole body, systemic, health issues.

In other words, the state of your overall physical health (your nutritional status, fitness status, inflammation status, gut health, etc.) profoundly influences your mental state.

While there can be many moving pieces as to why any one individual may be struggling mentally with any condition (anxiety, depression, bipolar, etc.), as this new research shows, it is ALWAYS prudent to address lifestyle related factors (how are they eating, sleeping, moving, what are their social interactions, etc.)

Being in a state of extreme depression and/or anxiety is no doubt a scary place to be, and often times it seems like an insurmountable hole to dig yourself out of, but THERE IS ALWAYS A WAY OUT of the darkness.

This can be said of other mental health conditions. There is a way out.

It starts with awareness of every aspect of your environment and how it’s contributing to your internal biological state. For more information, please see the Gut-Brain Connection and Mental Health Matters webinars.

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